Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Home made cocklock hell

My homemmade cocklock was comfortingly snug around me when i first put it on but after a few minutes reading my fave hot story, the sock and was pulling against my nutsack and the ribbon, which was bound tightly around my balls, cut in to me oh so cruelly... but my cock had no where to go... I have an aching dick straining for freedom and a humiliating wet spot seeping through my cock prison.

Addicted to internet porn...

I am so totally desparate to touch my (oop - Miss Blue's) cocklet. Having spent hours sat in my tight slutty training panties surfing through my fave internet porn sites i am going absolutely crazy. I swear that I feel like my nuts and cock are ready to explode...

Ok, so here are the sites that I have been looking at - some stories and some videos.

1) "White trash" by The Scarecrows - eu.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/authoritarian/white-trash. This is soooo the ultimate humiliation/feminization story. Every time i read this my teeny pecker is absolutely rock hard. The humiliation is absolutely delish! Every time, without fail, I imagine myself in the position of the unfortunate Candy Row being feminized and humiliated.... It's a really long story but i get off on every degrading line! (Prissy pecker rating: 10/10).

2) Princess Sera clip - www.empflix.com/view.php?id=37210 I used to tweak my sissy stick so much to this! Lovely accent but oh so evil! (Prissy pecker rating: 6/10).

3) "Second Place" by Terri Madison - www.straythoughts.com/stories/Favorites/Terri%20Madison/S.Place/SPlace01.htm. Terri is without doubt one of the most amazing writers I have found online. Her stories are absolutely stuffed full of humiliation, blackmail and bimboization! "Second place" is a magnificent multi-part opus that sees the unfortunate Terri transformed into a dumb slutty bimbo. Agsin the humiliation is so complete and delicious i could just redecorate my panties thinkinga bout it! as whenever i read this i imagine that it is me being transformed (yup - Terri is sooo my role model!). (Prissy pecker rating: 9/10).

4) Cuckold humiliation - www.empflix.com/view.php?id=39949 OMG i could so imagine this being me! I find this totally hot and oh so suitable for a pathetic crossdressing beta male like me...just what we deserve! (Prissy pecker rating: 8/10).

5) Penelope Black Diamond - www.freeones.com/html/p_links/Penelope_Black_Diamond/ or www.penelopeblackdiamond.com/ She is SO my role model - the ultimate lovedoll! I totally hope that this is what is in store for me although I guess this would involve some seriously extreme feminization! Delish! (Prissy pecker rating: 7/10) x

6) The "fabulous" Ms Berlin in The Training of Berlin - www.empflix.com/view.php?id=47048. The fabulous Ms Berlin is just my absolute idol. I love the thougt of being put through this training - omg especially the ballet boots and corset! mmm so totally hot! (Prissy pecker rating: 6/10)

urghh i soooo need to some "pleasure" - this is TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

My slutty modelling session...

Well, Miss Blue says that it is time for me to model my freshly shaven and lotioned little panty clad body.

Wearing my brunette wig, black panties, bra and tank top I slutted it up in front of the mirror in my bedroom. Oh how i so wish there was an audience here. Still, I guess I may have more of an audience than i expect depending on who reads this blog. As I tried to model my sluttiest poses (i know i am such a whore for the camera!) I was wondering about who might be reading (and laughing) about this. It's so hot to think about aplha females and males reading about me slutting myself up and acting like a cheap $5 whore for the cam. OMG - the humiiation is just delish!

Anyway, I wore my heels which really helped my whorish catwalk walk as i paraded around the bedroom. I just love the feel of my tight panties and the oh so silky crotch. It makes me feel so slutty to think that anyone standing behind me can see my tight little bubble butt on display. God i LOVE these panties! I so feel like a total catalk princess (or should that be queen?). I hope Miss Blue approves.

This feels like such a turn on. My pretty shaven nutsack is so tight and my cock is so hard - tenting my pretty underwear and completely ruining my panty line...

After practicing my sedultry strut i tried for some really hot poses, blowing my self kisses in the mirror as trampishly as i can. Its completely horny to think that some alpha male (or om - a dirty old man) might be looking at my pics and beating his meat over me - something i'm not allowed to do anymore...


My close shave...

Well, this morning, as ordered, I have shaved Miss Blue's property - cock, balls and crotch. The feel of rubbing shaving cream on to her property was jut a complete turn on and my little prissyclit was hard in no time. Then the feel of the razor running over my balls just drove me wild. I swear my nutsack was tight as a drum as i shaved it. I sooo wnated to play with myself.....but didn't.

I am totally smooth now. I have been shaved before but (embarrasingly) have been long overdue for a touch up. I did used to have quite a cute bush (I went for heart shaped - which was pretty difficut to groom!) but i think this new look is so totally me. My bald little kitty is just so cute and soft. I hope Miss Blue likes what i have done with her cock.

I used Dove body lotion (bough from Sainsburys in Cambridge) to moisturise my shaven twinklet, nuts and pubic region. It smells so cute and my skin feels so nice.

Anyway, it must be sooo time to get my training panties on and camera out...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My last wank......

Ok, so my first assignment from Miss Blue for my long hot summer of blue balled denial is to tell everyone about the last time I masturbated and came, include details of my technique, what I thought about and if I used any toys.

Well he last time i jerked my prissy sissy stick was 2 days ago now (I know....I am so kicking myself that i didn't wank before receiving Miss BLue's email and first training assignment but now i no loger own a cock i guess i'm well and truly fucked so no wanking for me for the foreseeable future...).

I was on my laptop watching one of the cuckold videos at empflix.com. I was wearing my hot pink panties and bra (stuffed of course with two water filled condoms to give me an oh so feminine rack, silver hotpants, a tight baby tee shirt, fishnet stockings and red heels. The vid was totally hot. In it, the woman was like totaly addicte to black cock and was ridiculing her fiancee for being too small and not being able to give her what she wanted. She forces the poor sissy to wear her slutty one piece outfit, puts her panties in his mouth and forced him to watch her service a massive length of mighty black man meat. He ultimately has to clean up after she has been nailed every which way. OMG I soo wished it was me beig humiliated like that.

This black cock was HUGE! My prissy little cocklet started getting hard when I listened to the woman humiliating her fiancee. She was so completely hot and he was, well, almost as pathetic as me i guess. I slipped one hand under the band of my hotpants into my panties and tweaked my tiny pricklet with two fingers.

When she forced him to wear her outfit I imagined at first that it was me that was being humiliated, thinking how it would feel for an alpha female goddess to think me so worthless that she would force me to wear her slutwear just for her amusement whilst she took on a real man. It was so horny imagining panties being forced into my mouth and being made to watch whilst my fiancee was nailed by a massive length of muscular black dick.

But then, whilst i stroked, i couldn't hel thinking about how much I wanted to be the woman. How it would fele to be used by a man like that. How slutty I would feel to have such a hot body and to be ridden by a hot stud, having that massive whang crammed up into me. OMG I wanted that cock SO badly!

Listening to her take every powerful inch of the black stud , and thinking about how i would ride and love that massive schlong if it were me taking it, was just too much. With my two fingers jacking my tiny prink i felt myself ready to cum. When i spunked, it wasn't a mighty release (not like the powerful alpha male black man i was watching), it ws a pitiful dribble of loser spum into my panties. I could feel a pathetic wet spot forming, seeping through the crotch of my panies into my hotpants. My dick went so soft almost immediately.

I felt so pathetic wearing my slutty outfit with a wet crotch and a tiny limp cocklet but carried on watching the video until the end, imagining again that it was me being forced to clean up my fucked out girlfriend after she has had the ride of her life.

As a compulsive loser masterbator, the next four weeks is going to be sooo hard.... Still, I hope Miss Blue has fun with my cock.


Miss Blue's property

As requested I have posted a picture of Miss Blue's property.

I'm so sorry Miss Blue that it's a bit underwhelming. I guess it must be disappointing to own a tiny sissyprick like mine.

Still, I hope that you ahve been able to take ownership of some real men's dicks in teh course of your training...x

First post!

I am Miss Blue's useless slut. She owns my cock