Saturday, 25 July 2009

My close shave...

Well, this morning, as ordered, I have shaved Miss Blue's property - cock, balls and crotch. The feel of rubbing shaving cream on to her property was jut a complete turn on and my little prissyclit was hard in no time. Then the feel of the razor running over my balls just drove me wild. I swear my nutsack was tight as a drum as i shaved it. I sooo wnated to play with myself.....but didn't.

I am totally smooth now. I have been shaved before but (embarrasingly) have been long overdue for a touch up. I did used to have quite a cute bush (I went for heart shaped - which was pretty difficut to groom!) but i think this new look is so totally me. My bald little kitty is just so cute and soft. I hope Miss Blue likes what i have done with her cock.

I used Dove body lotion (bough from Sainsburys in Cambridge) to moisturise my shaven twinklet, nuts and pubic region. It smells so cute and my skin feels so nice.

Anyway, it must be sooo time to get my training panties on and camera out...

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