Saturday, 25 July 2009

My slutty modelling session...

Well, Miss Blue says that it is time for me to model my freshly shaven and lotioned little panty clad body.

Wearing my brunette wig, black panties, bra and tank top I slutted it up in front of the mirror in my bedroom. Oh how i so wish there was an audience here. Still, I guess I may have more of an audience than i expect depending on who reads this blog. As I tried to model my sluttiest poses (i know i am such a whore for the camera!) I was wondering about who might be reading (and laughing) about this. It's so hot to think about aplha females and males reading about me slutting myself up and acting like a cheap $5 whore for the cam. OMG - the humiiation is just delish!

Anyway, I wore my heels which really helped my whorish catwalk walk as i paraded around the bedroom. I just love the feel of my tight panties and the oh so silky crotch. It makes me feel so slutty to think that anyone standing behind me can see my tight little bubble butt on display. God i LOVE these panties! I so feel like a total catalk princess (or should that be queen?). I hope Miss Blue approves.

This feels like such a turn on. My pretty shaven nutsack is so tight and my cock is so hard - tenting my pretty underwear and completely ruining my panty line...

After practicing my sedultry strut i tried for some really hot poses, blowing my self kisses in the mirror as trampishly as i can. Its completely horny to think that some alpha male (or om - a dirty old man) might be looking at my pics and beating his meat over me - something i'm not allowed to do anymore...


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